Petroleum Geology Course

Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience provides multiple training programs. Our basic course is designed to meet the local staff training requirements. Graduates from this course will have a fundamental understanding of basic geoscience principles. A more advanced program is available for junior staff who require a greater understanding of stratigraphic and sedimentary concepts. Our teaching philosophy emphasizes lateral thinking directed at the early development/exploration cycle.
  • 5 or 10 day tailored curriculum with workshop oriented approach
  • English course manual with bilingual hand-outs and exercises as required
  • Instructors include senior petroleum geologist/sedimentologist, geophysicist and petrophysicis

Day 1

Introduction, basics, perception of numbers, markets
The concept of Sequence Stratigraphy

Day 2
Seismostratigraphy versus Sequence Stratigraphy.
Basics of seismic interpretation

Day 3
Seismic interpretation (continued)
Hydrocarbon maturation and occurrence

Day 4
Prospect definition and resource estimation
Direct data: cores & cuttings and core analysis methods

Day 5
Open Hole logging: quick-look identification of reservoir and hydrocarbon type
Calculation of porosity and hydrocarbon saturation

Day 6
Special logging tools and imaging logs
Geology-guided log correlation.
Principles of sedimentary geology: reservoir lithofacies delineation

Day 7
Sedimentology (continued)
Reservoir modeling: building the static reservoir model (principal approach)

Day 8
Volumetric calculations, uncertainty definition
Basic petroleum economics

Day 9
Risk assessment and risk mitigation
Reservoir development decisions


Optional 1 day core-workshop if cores and logs are available

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