Dirk Nieuwland PhD.

Dirk Nieuwland studied structural geology and sedimentology at Leiden University. After obtaining his MSc degree in 1975, he moved to Australia in 1976 where he obtained a PhD in radiometric dating and structural geology at the Australian National University. After passing the exam for an international committee at the ETH in Zurich, he received his PhD from the Research School of Earth Sciences in 1980.  

In 1979 he started a professional career with Shell E&P Research in The Netherlands and worked in structural geology and operations for 20 years. He moved through research, production geologist in Thailand, chief geologist in Turkey and senior research geologist, (internal consultant and technical auditor) from 1990 until 1999.

In 1999 Dirk moved to the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam where he joined the newly formed Top Research school in Earth Sciences (ISES: Integrated Solid Earth Systems) heading the analogue modelling lab of the tectonics department.

In 1999 Dirk Nieuwland founded NewTec,  a company specialized in structural geology and applied geo-mechanics in the business of exploration and development of hydrocarbons.

As from 2004 he is a visiting lecturer at the Middel East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.

Since 2005 Dirk is visiting professor at the Geology Department of the University of Saltzburg, Austria.

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