Exploration & Development of Deep Geothermal Resources

In addition to its petroleum geoscience advice, AmsterdamPG provides assessment of geothermal potential. Abandoned oil & gas wells or wells that watered-out, often can be converted into geothermal producers. Geothermal energy is an upcoming source of clean, sustainable and directly available energy. It has near-zero CO2 emission, is non-polluting and represents long-term independence of international energy prices. Exploration, appraisal and development of geothermal reservoirs has many similarities with oil and gas development.

AmsterdamPG has completed several large geothermal projects in the Netherlands, embracing all stages of geothermal exploration and production. This included seismic processing & imaging, seismic interpretation, well-log evaluation, reservoir geology and model building as well as initial well-design, drilling supervision and production tests.

Contact Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience today and let us assess (through making a quick-scan evaluation) where economic geothermal potential exist.

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