Our Services

AmsterdamPG has an experienced team of geophysicists, geologists and IT engineers, who provide the whole chain of seismic processing, inversion and interpretation of resulting seismic sections in a professional environment. The interpretation and inversion of seismic sections/volumes leads to populated 3D depth models, for which static hydrocarbon modelling, risking and appraisal can be performed.

Seismic data processing is one of the key services offered by AmsterdamPG. With versatile, well-established software packages (GLOBE Claritas, Seismic Unix, Kingdom Suite, HR Strata, Petrel) and powerful workstations our team handles pre-stack and post-stack seismic data from land, marine, 2D and 3D surveys. The complete processing workflow from loading raw field data to visualising the end-product can be performed by AmsterdamPG.

Services are provided in our office, while Data rooms, QL reviews and some training are carried out by our staff members or a small team visiting a client's preferred location.