Well Site Geology Course

In this three day course, the practice of Well Site Geology (WSG) will be addressed. The wellsite geologist acts as the link between the drilling supervisor, rig personnel and the company's office. As such, his responsibilities incorporate all geological activities on the rig. One of his main duties is to obtain as much geological information of the drilled well as possible and report that information in a clear way. After completing this course, the participants will be able to perform the basic well site geological duties.

Day 1:
  • Supervision of the mudlogging. One of the most important jobs on the drillsite is mudlogging. The mudloggers are responsible for essential sources of information like cutting descriptions and accumulation of samples. They also observe critical parameters like H2S-detection and mud flow levels. The wellsite geologist supervises the mudloggers.
  • Cuttings/Coring. The only direct link with the drilled geology is the rock itself. This can be ob-tained by cuttings or by coring. The cuttings are described by the mudlogger, and give the best indication of the currently drilled interval. Coring is often done in the reservoir interval, as it gives opportunities for obtaining sedimentological data, specified interval plugging, thin sections and more.

Day 2:
  • Wireline/MWD-logging. Usually a Measured-While-Drilling-tool (MWD) is added in the bottom-hole assembly to obtain direct measurements of the geological sections, giving valuable informa-tion to the WSG for further evaluation. Extra information can be extracted by running extra logs including Gamma Ray, Sonic, Density and Resistivity.
  • Testing. Several test might be performed, during drilling operations. Common tests are Forma-tion Integraty Tests (FIT), Wireline Formation Tests (RFT/WFT) and drill stem tests. While the former is mainly performed to de-termine the maximum pressure for further drilling, the latter ones are executed for formation evaluations.

Day 3:
  • Communication and reporting. As the WSG is the main link between office and rigsite personnel, communication is very im-portant. As such, different documents have to be prepared during and after drill operations to support communication, including: Daily Reports, Master Logs and the Final Well Report.
  • Final part of the course: summary and reconciliation.

Course instructors: Dick Stegers, MSc.

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