Non-proprietary studies

AmsterdamPG offers two non-proprietary studies:

NorthSea Chalk Play

The Dutch offshore has been thoroughly explored since the '60s. Though the oil and gas industry classifies the area as mature, new discoveries are still being made in old and new plays. One of these is the Chalk play, which features only two successful offshore discoveries in the Netherlands: F2-Hanze and F17-FC.

In 2014, EBN performed a regional study on the Chalk play in the northern Dutch Offshore, mainly based on a recently acquired 3D-seismic cube, that spans a large area of the D-, E- and F-quadrants. The study indicated that the play is underexplored in the Netherlands and hydrocarbon potential is still present.


West Netherlands Basin Jurassic and Triassic Plays
Another new potential are the West Netherlands Basin (WNB) Upper Jurassic and Triassic plays. The Q16-Maas, Noorderdam, Maasgeul Triassic structures and the Q13-FB, Wassenaar-Zee Upper Jurassic structures are examples of relatively new and undeveloped fields.

Investing in new 3D data or its studies is generally quite expensive. AmsterdamPG presents an alternative for involved parties. The WNB is effectively covered by 3D seismic data, but a large part of it is relatively old. New reprocessing algorithms greatly improve the quality of these data.