West Netherlands Basin Jurassic and Triassic Plays

Leads - Prospects - Acreage

Non-propietary study

The Dutch offshore and onshore have been thoroughly explored since the 60s and the area is classified as mature by the oil and gas industry. However, new discoveries in old and new plays are still being made, like the West Netherlands Basin (WNB) Upper Jurassic and Triassic plays. The Q16-Maas, Noorderdam, Maasgeul Triassic structures and the Q13-FB, Wassenaar-Zee Upper Jurassic structures are examples of relatively new and undeveloped fields.

Investing in new 3D data or its studies is generally quite expensive. AmsterdamPG presents an alternative for involved parties. TheWNB is effectively covered by 3D seismic data, but a large part of it is relatively old. New reprocessing algorithms greatly improve the quality of these data.

AmsterdamPG offers a reprocessed 3D seismic dataset consisting of multiple cubes covering the Q-quadrants and onshore blocks of the Upper Jurassic and Triassic plays. Included in the package is a detailed 3D interpretation of both play reservoirs with a very comprehensive set of attribute maps and fingerprint maps of gas accumulations, containing unexplored and undiscovered leads.

AmsterdamPG has extensive experience in evaluating the WNB play potential. With our in-house processing center, data reprocessing is one of our specialties as well as reviews and second opinions for license negotiations and farm-ins.

The WNB Upper Jurassic and Triassic study includes:
  • Detailed report of performed activities
  • Large area with reprocessed 3D-seismic, approximately 975 km2
  • 3D interpretation of the main reservoir of both plays
  • Maps and seismic cubes with various attributes and fingerprints of gas accumulations
  • Open dTect project including representative wells in study area

Please contact us for details and pricing of the study!