Zero TEM

Electromagnetic probing of the subsurface

Zero TEM is an electromagnetic induction technique which determines the electrical conductivity of the subsurface in a non-destructive way. This geophysical technique can be used for the exploration of the first few hundred metres of the subsurface.

Measuring principles

Zero TEM uses a current loop to  induce an electromagnetic field into the subsurface. A secondary current loop measures the decline of this electromagnetic field in various ground layers. The results can be converted to the electrical conductivity (resistivity) of the subsurface. Because every (geological) material has a different electrical resistivity, it is possible to create an accurate subsurface model to a great depth.

The Zero TEM technology is very suitable for the mapping of deep ground layers. In the E&P industry the results can be used for:
  • mapping impenetrable layers
  • drawing up  a geological model as an input for seismic processing
  • producing synthetic seismic profiles along the measuring lines