2012 review: A good start for AmsterdamPG!

Since its launch in April 2012, the Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience team successfully completed several projects with new clients. Here are two that were completed during our first year.  

For a major oil company, AmsterdamPG constructed a (semi-) regional static model of the Dutch Offshore. The model incorporated regional sequence stratigraphic elements through the use of well correlation and seismic interpretation. During the project AmsterdamPG provided different solutions to keep the project on track while keeping the focus on the defined deliverables. The results of the project gave new and better insights to the client and will be used for further studies.

For a niche investor in exploration and production, AmsterdamPG evaluated an offshore 3D field model from a third party. In this study specific emphasis was set on the proposed volumetrics and applied velocities. Clear and frequent communication with the client led to proper and desirable results, which were essential for their further discussions with the operator.   

We would like to thank our customers for having faith in us!

So whether it is seismic interpretation or delineation of the reservoir architecture, let AmsterdamPG demonstrate how we can provide value by delivering results on time and on budget.  

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