AmsterdamPG's Pedro runs the Sierra Leone Marathon for Street Child

On May 26th, Pedro Kuijt, commercial advisor at AmsterdamPG, participated in the Sierra Leone Marathon 2013 in order to raise funds for Street Child, an inspiring charity which aims to get local children off the streets by reuniting them with their families and giving them access to education.  

Being one of the poorest countries in the world, Sierra Leone suffers an endemic street child crisis, with approximately 50,000 children living in the most precarious conditions. This is the result of a devastating civil war which lasted 11 long years and left more than half the population displaced from their homes.  

With the support of the entire AmsterdamPG family and other generous donors, Pedro successfully completed the half marathon race –going  from the streets of Makeni town to uneven dirt tracks through small villages and dense forestland–, and raised nearly € 2.000 for the local communities.  

In addition to the race, Pedro also took part in site visits to some of the charity’s projects in the country, where he had the chance to interact with many local children and beneficiaries supported by the organisation.  

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