AmsterdamPG at the SEG in Houston

AmsterdamPG, T&A Survey and T&A Energy exhibited together for the first time at this year's SEG. The expanded branding message with their respective innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry were on display. The reception of this expanded branding message was reflected in the interest along all three of the individual companies operating platforms.

Interest for T&A Survey's 3D Borehole Radar (BHR) revolved around the tool's ability to image fractures beyond the borehole. The heightened interest of shale plays seems to be driving the interest with fracture identification. Imaging proppant flow can be used as an indicator of fracture density and conductivity from the reservoir to the borehole.

For T&A Survey's 2D Borehole Radar (BHR) the attention centered on the use within a drill string for greater accuracy in aligning the injector and producer wells in SAGD exploration.

T&A Energy's message of exploiting abandoned wells for its geothermal potential was received with great interest. Geothermal development bears many similarities with oil and gas exploration. With two additional major geothermal projects currently underway, T&A has decisively taken the lead in this field in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience's distinct services, being petroleum geology courses and seismic reprocessing capabilities, garnered the most interest.

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