Marine Processing In GLOBE Claritas - sign up now!

Register now for the upcoming 5 Day Globe Claritas Marine Processing Course, being held in Amsterdam, January 27-31 2014, it is filling up fast!

The course is designed to give attendees practical experience in pocessing seismic data with GLOBE Claritas™, from field data to final migration. The course is five days in duration, and allows users access to GNS Science and AmsterdamPG expertise in tackling a variety of common problems.

Course Objectives
The course is designed to cater to a wide variety of theoretical and practical experience. The main objectives  are that each attendee should gain:
  • An understanding of the objectives of seismic data processing;
  • An understanding of typical marine seismic processing flows;
  • Experience in parameter testing for seismic data processing;
  • Experience in troubleshooting seismic data processing flows;
  • Experience in applying 2D marine processing flows.

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