EBN: seismic reprocessing important for future of Dutch exploration

In the 2013 edition of the annual report "Focus on Dutch Oil & Gas", EBN (Energie Beheer Nederland) highlights the need for excellent seismic acquisition and reprocessing of data for successful exploration. EBN invests a 40-50% in all Dutch petroleum activities, EBN's only shareholder being the Dutch state.  

An internal EBN analysis showed a clear correlation between decreasing age of 3D seismic data and an increased success rate of drilled exploration wells. Two other factors contributing to successful exploration are processing type and streamer length. Wells that were drilled based on long cable survey data which were pre stack time migrated showed a much higher success rate than wells drilled based on long cable surveys with post stack time migrated data.

EBN observed an increase of seismic data processing in the last five years. The internal analyses of seismic data and resprocesing show that in the future there will be even more reprocessing efforts.

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