Petroleum Geology Course for non-technical staff - NEW!

Amsterdam started a new,  3-day petroleum geology course meant for professionals in the petroleum industry without a geoscientific background, for example marketing and sales professionals. The first (in-house) course took place in March at a major geophysical contracting company in The Hague. The participants  found the course very usefull.

The petroleum upstream, midstream and downstream sectors constitute a large chain of geoscientific and engineering processes. Professionals at all levels of operation continuously make decisions based on geoscientific criteria. Their decisions have great impact on timing, budget, success and profit of running operations. For this reason, they wish to maximise gain and minimise risk in all parts of the chain.

Graduates from this course will have a fundamental understanding of basic geoscientific methods, their limitations and uncertainties and who uses these methods for decision making.

"This course was exactly what I needed as a non-technical employee in the reservoir characterisation world". (Course participant March 2014)

"This was a course designed especially for our sales people and it helped most of the participants. I am sure that other courses by AmsterdamPG are equally helpful. The course instructors were very knowledgeable & experienced and the training very interactive". (Course participant March 2014)

"I wish I had done the first 2 days course many years ago!" (Course participant March 2014)


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