Visit AmsterdamPG, T&A Survey and GLOBE Claritas at the EAGE!

The EAGE Conference & Exhibition, one of the biggest geoscience and engineering events,  has returned to Amsterdam. Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience will be present for the third time,  this time sharing a large booth with  sister company T&A Survey and GLOBE Claritas from New Zealand.

AmsterdamPG is the official European agent of GLOBE Claritas seisimic processing software. AmsterdamPG organises training courses for the E&P sector of the Oil and Gas industry and for companies and individuals wanting to work with the GLOBE Claritas software package.

In the week before the EAGE (June 9-13), AmsterdamPG and GLOBE Caritas also organise a pre-EAGE Marine Seismic Processing course. This course is designed to give attendees practical experience of processing 2D marine data with GLOBE Claritas, from field data to final migration. If  time allows, more advanced techniques such as Tau-P domain deconvolution and pre-stack migration can also be addressed.The course can be extended to allow users to work on their own data examples, with support from GNS experts.

For more information visit us in Amsterdam, June 16-19 in booth 2106!

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