GLOBE Claritas seismic processing course - register now!

June 22-26, AmsterdamPG organises another GLOBE Claritas seismic processing course. Course attendees will get skilled in seismic processing.

The course is designed to give attendees practical experience in processing seismic data with GLOBE Claritas™, from field data to final migration. This five-day course allows users access to GNS Science and AmsterdamPG expertise in tackling a variety of common problems.  

"The course is excellent both for beginners and experienced people. As a complete beginner I found the course gave me a good introduction to seismic processing and I learnt more in these 5 days than I have at work in the last month and a half!" (course participant june 2014)

"I would recommend this course to anyone who has some basic knowledge or familarity with seismic processing methods and needs a good introduction to working with Claritas" (course participant june 2014)

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