Upcoming Courses: Petroleum Geology non-tech and GLOBE Claritas

Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience  offers short, professional courses aimed at advancing specific skills. Upcoming courses March/April 2015:
  • Petroleum Geology Course for non-technical staff - May 27–29
  • GLOBE Claritas™ Introduction to Marine & Land Seismic Processing - June 22–26

Petroleum Geology Course for non-technical staff

This 3-day petroleum geology course is meant for professionals in the petroleum industry without a geoscientific background, for example marketing and sales professionals. The course comes with an extensive manual, many practical exercises and group efforts. Graduates from this course will have a fundamental understanding of basic geoscientific methods, their limitations and uncertainties and who uses these methods for decision making
Course program

GLOBE Claritas™ Introduction to Marine & Land Seismic Processing

This course is designed to give attendees practical experience in processing 2D data with GLOBE Claritas™, from field data to final migration. For attendees interested in marine processing, advanced techniques such as Tau-P domain deconvolution and pre-stack migration will also be addressed. For attendees interested in land processing, topics include working with crooked line data, firstbreak picking and refraction statics. There is also the possibility to work on your own datasets.
Course program

General information

The courses will take place in the AmsterdamPG office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If you have any further questions about the course, feel free to contact your course instructor Stefan Carpentier.

We look forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam!

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