Innovation Credit for TISA 3D Borehole Radar

In July, AmsterdamPGs sister company T&A Survey received an Innovation Credit from the Dutch government for the continuing development of the TISA™ 3D Borehole Radar (TISA 3D) tool. This Innovation Credit in addition to contributing to the development costs is an acknowledgement by the Dutch government of the worthiness of the TISA™ 3D Borehole Radar (TISA 3D) as an anticipated effective O&G exploration tool. The initial milestone is the development of the TISA 3D prototype for detecting metal objects in boreholes up to depth of 100 meters. Once completed and validated, T&A will move swiftly for the further development with a full service E&P wireline logging tool for use in boreholes to a maximum depth of 4.000 meters, applied in oil and gas reservoir characterization.  

A new tool for the Oil and Gas Industry
Today, oil field efficiency is crucial for lowering costs, optimizing production and maximizing economic recovery. In the future there will be more emphasis on driving higher reserve recovery rates, especially from tired assets. This is why there is a constant demand for new technologies to make more accurate assessments of oil and gas reservoirs, leading to less reservoir uncertainty, lower technical and financial production risks and improved reservoir management.  

In the geophysical survey industry no techniques currently have the ability of mapping the surroundings of a borehole three-dimensionally. For deep targets like oil and gas reservoirs, surface systems usually lack penetration and/or resolution to create a clear image of the reservoir. In summary, TISA 3D will be the first tool capable of gathering high-resolution information from the borehole surroundings and not only from the direct borehole wall.

T&A’s full service tool will reach a maximum depth of 4.000 meters, and withstand anticipated temperatures as high as 150°C and pressure at 400 bar/5.800 psi. With the TISA 3D it will be possible to perform measurements up to a distance of tens of meters from the borehole, creating a fully detailed High Definition 3D image of the borehole surroundings due to its directional response capabilities . Read more >>

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