Trias Westland geothermal project officially started

First 4 kilometres drilling in The Netherlands

On May 10th the official green light was given for the Trias Westland geothermal project. A group of 49 (greenhouse) entrepreneurs will be drilling to a depth of four kilometres for geothermal heat, which they will use to heat up their greenhouses and buildings in a sustainable and financially stable way. It is the first time such deep drillings for geothermal energy are made in The Netherlands. The preparations at the drilling location in Naaldwijk have already started.

T&A Survey
T&A Survey, a sister company of AmsterdamPG, has been involved in the Trias Westland project form the very beginning. In 2010 T&A started the geological feasibility study for the geothermal project of FloraHolland. Ever since, many surveys, studies and meetings have taken place between T&A and FloraHolland, which than changed the name of the project to Trias Westland. Our team was responsible for performing the geological studies necessary to apply for subsidies, improving and interpreting seismic data, mapping local an regional geological strucures, elaboration various development scenarios an evaluating the feasibility of the proposed drilling sites/.

Two drillings
What makes the project unique is that there will be two drillings to two different layers: the Lower Cretaceous and the much deeper Trias layer. T&A was responsible for the development of this unique geothermal combination and th design of the various well trajectories. Right now we are making the last preparations before the actual drilling can start.

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