Green Deal: 30% of industrial heat demand from Ultra Deep Geothermal

30% of industrial heat demand could be provided by Ultra Deep Geothemal Power. On June 19th, the Dutch Ministries of Economics, Infrastructure and the Environment, EBN, TNO and seven consortiums of companies have signed the Green Deal for Ultra Deep Geothermal Power (UDG). This is an important step for mapping the possibilities Of UDG in The Netherlands and encourages further development of the technology.

Heat from a depth of 4.000 meters and more
Geothermal energy offers good opportunities to meet the lower temperature heat demand. For making higher temperature heat more sustainable, for example to meet industrial requirements, it is necessary to extract heat from much greater depths. UDG aims at using heat from a depth of 4.000 meters. Potentially 30% of industrial heat demand could be met by UDG.

T&A Survey/AmsterdamPG UDG research
We have just completed a study to the potential and risks of Ultra Deep Geothermal energy in The Netherlands. This extensive study, including seismics, borehole data and literature, has given us a uniqe spatial insight in the presence of ultra deep reservoir rock formations. We also performed a petrophysical analysis to determine reservoir quality. Based on the results of this study and the developed risk matrix, we created a detailed map of UDG potential. This knowledge enables us to have a consultative role in future Ultra Deep Geothermal projects.

For more information on the study, please contact Ger de Bruin.

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