Trias Westland: a geothermal update

While most people were on vacation, the preparations for the geothermal drillings of the Trias Westland project have continued all summer. The conductors for both the production (of hot water) and the injection (of cooled down water) well have been installed succesfully. Conductors are safety casings with a legth of 125 meters which prevent potential contamination of the acquifers. The construction of the drilling location is ongoing and the location is expected to be ready early October 2017. Mobilisation of the KCA Deutag T-207 rig will commence shortly after. The so-called Spud date (the date the drill bit enters the ground) is currently scheduled for late October.

The project

A group of (greenhouse) entrepreneurs will be drilling for geothermal heat to the Trias layer at a a depth of four kilometres. It is the first time such deep drillings for geothermal energy are made in The Netherlands. For the Trias project, T&A Survey has designed a unique combined geothermal system. This autumn the test drillings will take place. If the test drillings are successful, a second, deeper drilling to the Trias layer will complete the doublet and heat production can start.

T&A Survey’s role
T&A Survey has been involved in the Trias Westland project from the very beginning. Our team was responsible for preforming the geological studies necessary to apply for subsidies, improving and interpreting seismic data, mapping local and regional geological structures, elaborating various development scenarios and evaluating the feasibility of the proposed drilling sites. At this stage of the project, T&A Survey is, together with WEP, responsible for the drilling management.

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