Trias drilling approaches depth of 2.550 meters!

The Trias drilling for geothermal  project Trias Westland in Naaldwijk, The Netherlands, started a month ago. The drilling of the first section went well. In the first days  it proved to be  a challenge to control the drill head  in the limestone  formation. It was difficult to maintain an angle of 30 degrees in the soft rock containing hard flintstone. For this reason the drilling of this secton took more time than anticipated. The first section is about 1,300 meters deep. In the weekend of 18/19 November, the steel tube (casing) with a diameter of approximately 50 cm was inserted into the borehole. The space between the borehole and the outer wall of the casing was cemented to reinforce the borehole.

Blow Out Preventer
After cementing the first section, the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) was installed and tested. The BOP checks the pressure in the drill shaft and mechanically closes the hole in case of sudden pressure waves (blow-outs). The BOP is of great importance for the safety of the crew, the drilling installation and the environment. The first pressure tests at Trias Westland showed that the BOP did not function well enough. A part of it has been repaired in Germany. Two days later the BOP could be installed and adjusted. The system is now functioning properly.

Heading for 2,550 meters
The drilling of the second section started November 29. The borehole in this section has a diameter of approximately 45 cm. The drilling runs smoothly with an average speed between 10 and 15 meters per hour. We expect to be finished with the drilling of this section in a few days time, having reached a depth of 2,550 meters.  A casing will then be inserted and reinforced with cement. Take a look at the video to learn more (Dutch only).

T&A Survey has been involved in the Trias Westland project from the very beginning and now provides the drilling management. Read more about the project.

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