Trias Westland to become Lower Cretaceous project

Naaldwijk, 16 February 2018

Trias Westland will realize a geothermal project in the Lower Cretaceous layer, which is located at a depth of approximately 2.7 kilometers. Other Westland geothermal projects  also extract their heat from this layer. The Triassic layer, located at a depth of 4 kilometers, turned out not to be suitable for cost-effective heat recovery. The Lower Cretaceous layer instead, or more specifically the Delft sandstone layer, appears to be even better than originally thought.

Valuable information

The drill core and the measurements taken in recent days provide valuable information about the soil in the Westland area. With this information, the plans to make the energy supply in greenhouse horticulture more sustainable can be further developed. Trias Westland shareholders HVC, Capturam and Royal FloraHolland are positive about the possibilities of future heat use from the Lower Creatceous layer. There are good opportunities for a natural gas-free energy supply in Westland.

Production tests

At the end of next week, Trias Westland will carry out  the Lower Cretaceous reservoir production test. The exact temperature in this layer will then be known and the project team will develop a plan to connect  as many greenhouse enterprises as possible to  geothermal heat from the Lower Cretaceous.

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