Trias Westland geothermal drilling reached final depth

On April 27th, the Trias Westland geothermal drillings arrived  at the final depth of 2500 meters! The production test will tell how much water and heat the system will be able to produce. Based on the outcome, the number of horitculture companies which can be provided with sustainable heat will be determined.

This week the drill rig will be removed and transported to its next destination. After the production test, the construction of the geothermal plant will start.

Photo: Sands from the surroundings of  the geothermal reservoir from which the hot water is pumped up. The sand are river deposits from the late Jurassic period (about 150 million years ago). The grains are nicely rounded due to weathering, indicating that they come from the end of a river.

T&A Survey has been involved in the Trias Westland project from the start. Read more about the project.

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